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Gemma V L Bright
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Animator/Author/Cartoonist/Print Finisher...Chimerite?

**PLEASE NOTE - I am not taking commissions, requests or collabs. I occasionally do trades at OC-Art-Xchange**

If you are interested in financially supporting Niftihalo Studios works, I am open to donations. Check the front page of for links!

- Almost entirely self taught through a mix of pointers from skilled friends, useful tutorials and practise. Lots of practise.

- Not a Pro in the business sense, but definitely in the attitude sense.

- Loves to mess with sounds. Also loves to voice act and sing, but only prefers to do so for personal projects, or those of familiar people.

- Long-term Nintendo fan, particularly in the realm of Pokemon (but keeps most fansplurging to PokemonRebirthClub )

- Feels that art is for sharing, so shares as much as possible in the pursuit of inspiring and moving others.

"If I can do anything - the least I'd like to do is make people smile."

"More people need to advocate the depth and meaning to a good, loving friendship. They exist. And they're very special."

"Long live 2D animation!"


Patreon : niftihalostudios
Tumblr : scribghetti-junction | atchuu | pokemonrebirth
Twitter : nilostudo
Vimeo : niftihalostudios
YouTube [Shared] : DreamlandMessenger
Bandcamp Fan Page : NiloStudo
Kickstarter Profile :…
Photography & Verse [pretty much dead] : usarag-okanam


Misc - The Kirby Influence by caat
Misc - The Kirby Influence
I actually drew this a while ago for a Kirby zine, but in the end it wasn't accepted. It's a little nostalgic wander through a tale some of you already know well, how my involvement with the Kirby fandom led to one of my most ambitious projects yet.
WYM - Kyler Bird Design Sheet by caat
WYM - Kyler Bird Design Sheet
Kyler Bird - (Age 27, Height 6' 4")

Imaginative English inventor recovering from suppressed creativity due to ten years working in an office environment. Typically serious, sometimes prone to heavy worrying. Can be seen as a party pooper or easily embarrassed. Underneath he has a silly streak, enjoys occasional roleplaying, bowling, watching motocross and eating ice cream.

Has the ability to think things into reality/alter existing things after a science-based incident which resulted in a Photoneuronic Transmission Unit -a component for a teleportation machine- phasing its way into his brain. Said reality alterations only last for as long as Kyler is concentrating on them.

The only permenant creation of the PTU has been Booker, Kyler's childhood imaginary friend, who thinks for himself but resides in a previously unused part of Kyler's brain.…


A whole range of expressions can be seen at… and…

WYM's synopsis can be read about here…

The 'Bird Tail' concept was fun to come up with. Apparently its something all male members of the Bird family have ended up with - a little flick of hair that, no matter how much one gels it, won't stay flat. It doesn't occur in the same place atop the head on all members, hence Kyler's dad has it at the back.
0 - Note: These questions must be answered in character.
I was tagged by :iconblazingcoral:

1 - What's your name?
I'm Booker - nice to meet'cha!

2 - Do you know why you were named that?
To be honest, the memory's kinda hazy, y'know? I mean, I wasn't exactly around when Birdy was a least not like I am these days...but I think it was inspired by something his dad used to call him now and then. Yeah, I'm as stumped on that one as you are.

3 - Are you single or taken?
Like in, relationships? No thanks! Even if I was into that sorta thing, it'd get kind of weird what with being hooked into Birdy's brain and all... ^^;

4 - Have any abilities or powers?
Man I've got a ton! I can stay under water for, like, FOREVER. I can teleport! Okay, so it's not something I got much control over, but...OH, get this. Some guys can throw their voice - well I can throw my burps! Now that's pretty cool, right?

5 - Stop being a Mary-Sue!
You can't put the dampers on perfection. *wiggles eyebrows*

6 - What's your eye color?
Y'know I think they're just black. Yeah, black dots. Don't blame me - Birdy wasn't one for attention to detail when he was a kid. Can you believe he didn't even give me ears? Or a belly button?

7 - What about hair color?
Purple, like plums! Plums are pretty good...

8 - Have you any family members?
Birdy and Trish are pretty much my family!

9 - That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like. Why does such a nasty drink exist? Whyyyy~?

10 - Do you have any hobbies/activities you like to do?
I just LOVE to roleplay! On my own, with other people, I don't care - roleplay is awesome. You can be anyone, anywhere! Making movies is pretty awesome too. I film stuff and put it on the internet!

11 - Have you hurt anyone in any way before?
I...I probably have. I don't always think before I say stuff, y'know? Birdy's got pretty mad at me a few times.

12 - Ever... killed anyone before?
I killed a lotta space monsters in video games. Look, it had to be done, they were trying to enslave the universe!

13 - What kind of animal are you?
I'm a troon! I'm...not quite sure what that is, exactly, but that's what Birdy said I was, so there ya go!

14 - Name your worst habits.
Ehehe...I tend to think way too hard at night when I'm supposed to be falling asleep.

15 - Do you look up to anyone at all?
I look up to everyone, I'm a foot high! Hahaha! But seriously, I admire Birdy for sticking it out this long without me. His life's been pretty sucky up to this point, from what I can tell.

16 - Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?
None of them!

17 - Do you go to school?
Nope, never been to that place, thankfully! Don't get me wrong, I love to learn, but sitting at a desk writing in books all day seems super boring to me, y'know? Like a kid version of what Birdy's doing now, even!

18 - Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?

19 - Do you have any fangirls/boys?
I got a good few fans on the internet for all those videos I posted. Birdy's dream projections are pretty entertaining, heheh!

20 - What are you most afraid of?
What'll happen when the thing that brought me here stops working...

21 - Okay. What do you usually wear?
A yellow t-shirt and blue shorts! They're pretty lousy in super cold weather though.

22 - What's your most favorite food?
You can't do this to me! You can't make me choose! There is too much food that is good~

23 - Am I annoying you?
No way, I love chatting!

24 - Well, it's still not over!
Woohoo! Ask away.

25 - What class are you? Low, middle, or high?
I'm in a class of my own - I call it 'Awesome Class'

26 - How many friends do you have?
Well there's Birdy, and Trisha, and I guess Stuart counts...oh, and Phil, though he's more of an internet buddy. Hm!

27 - What are your thoughts on pie?
Mmmmm...what flavour? Oh who cares, all pie is great! Unless it's steak and a pie...that's just icky!

28 - Favorite drink?
Not-coffee. That a good enough answer for ya?

29 - What's your favorite place?
The beach! All that sand and water in one place. The warm sunshine. And ice cream! Hoh, I wanna go there now.

30 - Are you interested in anyone?
I'm interested in EVERYONE. No really, people are fascinating! Though I don't always 'get' them.

31 - Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Well to be honest, you can find equally cool things in lakes and oceans...

32 - What's your type?
Type of person? Anyone who isn't a party Mister Greenhouse-for-brains. I love a guy or gal with a sense of humour! If you can't laugh at life once in a while, you ain't ever gonna have fun.

33 - Camping or indoors?
CAMPING! You can sit outside and gaze at the stars with a little fire and cook marshmallows over it... well I suppose we could do that on the balcony too, but... trees! Squirrels! All that good nature stuff! I would kinda miss the internet though.

34 - Are you still wanting this quiz to end?
No no, keep going!

35 - Well, it's over!
Awww... okay.

(That was way too much fun, thanks BC! XD )

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