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Gemma V L Bright
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Animator/Author/Cartoonist/Print Finisher...Chimerite?

**PLEASE NOTE - I am not taking commissions, requests or collabs. I occasionally do trades at OC-Art-Xchange**

If you are interested in financially supporting Niftihalo Studios works, I am open to donations.…

- Almost entirely self taught through a mix of pointers from skilled friends, useful tutorials and practise. Lots of practise.

- Not a Pro in the business sense, but definitely in the attitude sense.

- Loves to mess with sounds. Also loves to voice act and sing, but only prefers to do so for personal projects, or those of familiar people.

- Long-term Nintendo fan, particularly in the realm of Pokemon (but keeps most fansplurging to PokemonRebirthClub )

- Feels that art is for sharing, so shares as much as possible in the pursuit of inspiring and moving others.

"If I can do anything - the least I'd like to do is make people smile."

"More people need to advocate the depth and meaning to a good, loving friendship. They exist. And they're very special."

"Long live 2D animation!"


Patreon : niftihalostudios
Tumblr : scribghetti-junction | atchuu | pokemonrebirth
Twitter : nilostudo
Vimeo : niftihalostudios
YouTube [Shared] : DreamlandMessenger
Bandcamp Fan Page : NiloStudo
Kickstarter Profile :…
Photography & Verse [pretty much dead] : usarag-okanam


OH - Vira Sondra Refsheet by caat
OH - Vira Sondra Refsheet
[22/10/14 : Updated! Vira's belt is now a belt/bag ensemble (because where else would she put stuff like the sewing needle and thread she uses at least twice in the movie?). Removed a couple of redundant things off the sheet]

Vira Sondra
- (Age 23, Height 3') Country girl with a fairly serious, no nonsense outlook on life. She has dedication to those she cares for, and a bold, self-sacrificing spirit. While Vira is patient, she doesn't take stupidity well. Her typical facial expression is somewhat subdued with eyelids at half-mast, but she will show other expressions if something affects her emotionally.

Vira's fashion style is 'pretty but practical'. She isn't particularly fond of television, but loves listening to music. She has a strong knowledge of plant/animal function and cultivation as a result of growing up on a farm. She is also skilled at a Tagen sport which involves catching a flying target in midair using a fishing rod-like contraption.
12 days remain on the Outcast Hope raffle! Win a copy of the DVD~…
PKMN - The Path is a Mystery by caat
PKMN - The Path is a Mystery
I spent a good few hours on this picture as part of a gift for my niece, who loves the Eeveelutions, particularly Espeon, Sylveon and Vaporeon (hence them being put at the top). The design went on the front of a customized trading card folder.
PKMN - Bereaved by caat
PKMN - Bereaved
UPDATE [14/10/14] : The previous sketches had aged and I wanted to give them a clean up. Changed the dev title to match the first chapter of the relevant arc.


Solonn the Glalie has the ability to speak the human language. He hasn't a clue how he got it, but it caused him nothing but trouble, including getting tricked into being specie shifted in order to act as a city's mayor by a somewhat desperate Latios. He didn't take it well.

Having once again been struck sideways by the awesome of SikeSaner's Pokemon fanfiction "Communication", I felt inspired to draw what my BrainOvision figured Solonn might look like as a human. Gave him similar eyes and tried incorporating the design of his Glalie outer armor and horns into the hair of this form. Dunno if its anywhere near what she had in mind, though 8D

Go read Communication and other incredibly deep Pokemon stuff at :iconsikesaner:

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